Shows and Events


5/21, 9 pm

Venue Location: Flappers Burbank

Tammy Twotone's NYC TWIST show comes to the West Coast!

Comedy Showcase

5/21, 7 pm

Venue Location: Hanglider's Bar

A comedy showcase with some of LA's top comics

Love at first LAFF

5/25, 7 pm

Venue Location: Flappers Burbank

Relationships humor from a female POV!

Spoonful of Comedy

6/01, 9 pm

Venue Location: Flappers Burbank

Jaye headlines in the Yoo-Hoo room on a great showcase of comedy


6/16 & 6/17, TBA

Venue Location: Art Renberg Theater

A trans pride comedy event right in LA

Dollface Dames Burlesque

6/29, 10 pm

Venue Location: Karma Lounge

Come see the award winning burlesque troop 'Dollface Dames' with a little comedy by Jaye

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